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 Here are bits and pieces of it I've found online until I can find a site with the info all in one place:

"Not only is Avatar influence by Japanese anime, but also by the many incredibly talented artists who have worked on or still work on the show - in Burbank oand in Seol. One such artist is animation direction Jeong In. He helmed the animation on Avatar episodes 103 and 107. He brought an incredibly anatomical solidity and dynamism to his layouts and animation...

[several pages of animation and layouts from the Zuko/Zhao firebending duel in 103, with notes to emphasize the dynamism/crispness/solidity of the characters and the fire effects]

Another incredible artist who has worked on Avatar and influenced it heavily is Ryu Gi Hyun. Gi Hyun has animated a lot of signature scenes for Avatar (his most popular is the foaming mouth guy in 104, which was completely his idea). His drawings of our characters are so exemplary that JM Animation uses them as model and expression sheets for Avatar's animation production. Now the artists here in Burbank are using his work as a model and feeding it back into the show.

Ryu Gi Hyun's style is greatly influenced by 4ºC's Koji Morimoto, but he definitely has his own touch. His drawings are ALIVE!

You really get the feeling that his characters eat, breathe, sleep, think, poop and barf - just when they are doing NOTHING! I even revised Aang and Sokka's main models based on Gi Hyun's suggestions. You get the idea: he's a big influence for Avatar. Let's look at his drawings...

[animation/layouts of Aang right after he comes out of the iceberg, as well as Sokka and Katara]

[many pages of screengrabs from the show, some of which are from the pilot, with notes about what to pay attention to]

[The last page is typed]

Suggested Viewing and Reading:


Fooly Cooly
Samurai Champloo (series)
Cowboy Beebop (series)
Neon Genesis Evangelion (series)
"Beyond" - from Animatrix (directed by Koji Morimoto)
Abenobashi-Magical Shopping Arcade
Princess Mononoke


Orang - Koji Morimoto art book
Groundwoork of Fooly Cooly
FLCL Design Works
Groundwork of Evangelion - The Movie 1 and 2
The Art of Spirited Away
Samurai Champloo - Roman Album
Graphic Books/Works by Range Murata
Cannabis Works by Tatsuyuki Tanaka
Innocence (second Ghost In The Shell movie) - Roman Album"

"Zuko is an incredibly focused teenage Firebender who bullies and intimidates everyone around him. He is obsessed with capturing the Avatar. Prince Zuko is the oldest son of Fire Lord Ozai, ruler of the Fire Nation, and the great-grandson of Fire Lord Sozin, who concieved the war. When Prince Zuko was 14, he spoke out against his father and the Fire Nation's conquest. To teach his insubordinate son a lesson, Fire Lord Ozai forced his son to fight him in a traditional Firebender duel. The Fire Lord defeated his son in front of his royal army, stripped the Prince of his birthright to the throne and banished him from his homeland, telling him the only way he will allow his return is with the Avatar, dead or alive. This is now Prince Zuko's mission.

Each day, Zuko studies Firebending with his Uncle, the Fire Lord's brother. Zuko is a powerful Firebender for his age and eager to develop his skills. But Zuko doesn't know his uncle is under strict orders from the Fire Lord to teach his son incorrect Firebending. It's the Fire Lord's insurance that his son's powers will never surpass his own. Zuko's greatest weaknesses are his arrogance and impatience. He believes Firebending is the most dominant art and can never be bested by Water, Earth or Airbending. Zuko's teenage overconfidence makes him believe he's invincible."

"Aang is the hero and spirit of the show. This adventurous 12-year-old is the last Airbender and only known survivor of the Air Nomads, the arrow on his head a constant reminder of his lineage. His destiny is to learn the art of the Avatar and defeat the Fire Lord of the Fire Nation. But rather than save the world, Aang searches for adventure. He wants a life full of fun experiences, not heavy responsibilities.

Aang believes that people are either in harmony with the Spirit of the Planet or corrupt and mislead. Because Aang is the Avatar, he has a connection with nature as well as animals. If he's lost, Aang is able to "listen" to the spirits of the trees, rivers, and mountains to "tell" him which way to go. He is a trickster hero uninhibited by social constraints, and constantly breaking taboos.

Opposed to the status quo, Aang loves stirring up trouble in an effort to bring about change in the world and in others."

"1st Season - Winter

The series begins on the South Pole during winter. It is here where Katara and her brother Sokka discover an Airbender boy (Aang) and his giant bison (Appa) inside an iceberg. Although Aang denies to Katara that he is the Avatar, she soon learns the truth when a young Firebender named Prince Zuko attacks the Southern Water Tribe, looking for the Airbender. In his first act of heroism, Aang surrenders to Zuko in exchange for the tribe's safety. But with the help of Katara, Sokka and his flying bison Appa, Aang escapes Zuko's war ship. Katara and Sokka decide to help Aang get to the North Pole so that he can find a master Waterbender from whom he can learn Waterbending - the first step to becoming the Avatar.

Of course, Aang isn't in any rush to take on his Avatar responsibilities, so the kids stop at many fun and exciting villages and cities on the way. The first stop is at Aang's childhood home, the Airbender Temple. There, Aang makes first contact with Avatar Roku - Aang's previous incarnation and a mentor who will help him on his Avatar journey. He also befreinds a winged lemur - once a traditional Airbender pet. To Aang, Momo is a sign of hope that, somewhere in the world, his people are still alive.

As word spreads around the world that the Avatar has returned, the kids act more cautiously, sometimes disguising Aang. And with Zuko on their trail, the longer they stay in one place, the more likely it is that he will find them. The kids begin to learn whom they can trust - and whom they can't.

Aang's search for an Avatar mentor leads him to the Spirit World. During the Winter Solstice, Aang crosses over into the Spirit World and makes contact again with his previous incarnation, Avatar Roku. Roku reveals to Aang that a powerful comet is passing over the Earth at the end of the summer - and that the Fire Lord and his troops will harness this power to win the war. Aang now faces the daunting task of not only mastering the four elements but doing so before the end of the summer.

With time running short, Aang buckles down and begins to learn Waterbending alongside Katara. But Aang is unfocused and undisciplined and would rather play than practice. When Katara discovers an ancient scroll with the Waterbending lyrics (moves) illustrated on it, she believes that they have found a quick and easy way of learning Waterbending without having to find a master in the North Pole. However, after a series of mishaps, she realizes that you can't learn from a "book," but that you need the wisdom and guidance of a teacher.

Their journey North reaches a crisis point when Katara and Sokka learn Aang's secret - fearing his Avatar responsibilities, he ran away from the Air Temple; and that this irresponsible act led to Aang being encased in ice for 100 years. Katara is furious with Aang; she believes that if Aang had not run away, then the war never would have started and her mother would still be alive. In an effort to prove to Katara that he's now taking his Avatar responsibilities seriously, Aang tries Firebending before he's ready and accidentally burns Katara's hands. Aang feels guilty and vows never to Firebend again.

Meanwhile, Sokka is fed up with Aang's irresponsibility and thinks that Aang doesn't have what it takes to become the Avatar. Sokka believes it's up to warriors like him to put an end to this war. When he finds evidence of the men of his tribe he sets off to find them, ultimately joining a small unit of Earth Nation warriors. After tasting his first real battle, Sokka's romantic ideal of the warrior life is shattered. However, he begins to learn that his true destiny is as a leader. Meanwhile, Aang and Katara reconcile and Katara learns about her healing abilities - a skill closely associated with Waterbending. Aang promises to Katara that he will not make the same mistake twice - he won't run away from his responsibilities and commits to getting to the North Pole.

With Zuko close on their trail, the kids finally arrive at the North Pole and find a master Waterbender to teach Aang. But because of the Nothern Water Tribe's sexist culture, the master refuses to apprentice Katara - and her life long dream of becoming a Waterbender is in jeopardy. Aang exhaustively trains with the old Waterbender who proves to be a tough disciplinarian. Because Waterbending doesn't come to him easily, Aang and the old Waterbender get frustrated with each other and abandon the lessons. The old Waterbender considers the unfocused Aang "impossible to teach." When Katara finds out Aang's lessons have stopped, she confronts the teacher and demands that he teach Aang - the future of the world is at stake. When the old Waterbender refuses, she challenges him to a fight and demonstrates her Waterbending abilities. Th old man not only accepts Aang back as his student, but her as well.

Winter culminates in a Fire Navy assault against the Nothern Water Tribe. Led by Zuko's nemesis, Commander Zhao, the Fire Navy surrounds the North Pole with dozens of ships, intent on capturing the Avatar before he learns Waterbending. After a dramatic fight with Zuko, in which Aang spares Zuko's life, Aang joins the tribe for a decisive battle. With Katara and the old Waterbender's help, Aang creates a water tornado that drives the ships into the ice, immobilizing them. The remaining ships retreat. Collectively, Sokka, Katara and Aang's heroism save the Northern Water Tribe.

The battle nearly kills the old Waterbender. On his deathbed, he tells Katara that she alone possesses the knowledge to complete Aang's Waterbending training. With his newfound determination, Aang decides to continue into the Earth Kingdom and learn Earthbending. Instead of returning to the South Pole to save her tribe, Katara leaves with Aang to teach him Waterbending, knowing that without the Avatar no nation will survive another year. Sokka also resolves to continue the mission, vowing to protect them using his new warrior skills. But will Katara really transform the undisciplined Aang into the one person powerful enough to stop the world's most destructive force?"

"2nd Season - Spring

Throughout the spring, Aang, Katara, Sokka and Momo journey through the unfamiliar Earth Kingdom mainland, a vast continent full of natural wonders and fantastical creatures. Zuko, Prince Azul and the rogue Earthbender [I have no idea who this is and there aren't any notes on him in other parts of the bible that I could find] continue their separate persuits, each hoping to capture the Avatar and win Fire Lord Ozai's favor.

Aang's search for an Earthbender leads him to Toph, a young, blind Earthbender whose arrogance equals his powers. Katara is immediately drawn to his confidence and sparks fly between the two teenagers. Aang's jealousy of Toph causes him to compete for Katara's attention. Aang trains more seriously, hoping to impress her. Sokka also disapproves of his sister's relationship with Toph. He doesn't trust the Earthbender and believes Katara's attraction results from her sympathy for his blindness. In addition, Sokka resents Toph for taking away from him the group's leadership position. For the first time, Sokka and Aang agree absolutely; they both want Toph out of Katara's life. Without intending to, they begin to adopt each other's traits in order to bring Toph's huge ego down to size.

Early in the season, Zuko captures Aang's bison alive and gives it to this father as a gift. Unable to fly, the group relies on Katara's Waterbending to propel their raft down the Earth Kingdom's many rivers. They travel south toward the Earth Kingdom's last stronghold in the capital city. There, they meet the Emperor, a proud man who refuses to give in to the Fire Nation. When he meets Aang, the Emperor imparts his covert plan to invade the Fire Nation so that the Avatar may help his men in battle. The Emperor makes Aang promise not to reveal the mission to anyone.

Dying to tell the secret, Aang uses his trickster logic to invent a series of riddles so his friends can guess their mission. As Aang leads the group further south, Katara finally solves the riddle, absolving Aang from his promise to the Emperor. By spring's end, the kids arrive at a huge, hidden camp where the Earth Kingdom forces prepare for a counterattack against the Fire Nation. Katara and Sokka reunite with their father and other tribesmen who have been working with the Earth Navy to construct giant battle ships for the invasion.

Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph sail with the Water Tribe on the day of Black Sun. During the total eclipse, the Firebenders loose their ability to conjure flames and the Earth Kingdom ships ambush their shores, hoping to infiltrate and begin their march on the Fire Nation capital. Sokka's father asks his son to fight with him. However, Sokka sacrifices his dream in order to stay with Aang. Sokka now believes Aang will fulfill his destiny as the Avatar and defeat Fire Lord Ozai. Sokka assumes responsibility for Aang's mission and resolves to deliver Aang safely to his final duel. As the Earth Kingdom continues its assault on the Fire Nation, the kids enter enemy territory, embarking on the final, and most dangerous leg of their journey."
"3rd Season - Summer

Summer marks the impending arrival of a comet that will empower Firebenders with strength enough to decimate the Earth Army, ending the war. As the troops continue to fight toward the enemy's capital, Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph make their way through the Fire Nation, a hot, barren land full of active volcanoes, searching for a Fire Master willing to teach Aang Firebending.

Having traveled for several years, Prince Zuko returns to his homeland to find his people enslaved and living in poverty. Outraged that his father has committed such heinous crimes in the name of the war, Zuko once again speaks out against the Fire Lord, this time vowing to take his throne and save the Fire Nation from ruin. In retaliation, Fire Lord Ozai deploys a team of his most deadly Firebenders to capture his son. Zuko grows his hair and takes refuge in a small village, living amongst his people for the first time in his life.

Along their journey, the kids enter the village and encounter Zuko, who asks for their help in defeating the Fire Lord. Convinced Zuko has set a trap for Aang, Sokka refuses his assistance. On the other hand, Katara perceives genuine change in Zuko and wants to use him as a guide through the Fire Nation. With no other options, Aang agrees to help Zuko in exchange for Firebending instruction. The kids cautiously accept Zuko into their group.

For weeks, they move through the country, hiding in caves and seeking refuge in villages. All the while, Zuko trains Aang in Firebending. However, Aang's fear of fire prevents him from controlling the volatile element, for he still feels guilt over burning Katara. Furthermore, once Zuko fights his Uncle, the Prince learns that his former teacher was under his father's orders to teach him incorrect Firebending. Under the tutelage of Zuko's flawed magic, Aang cannot obtain the skills needed to defeat the Fire Lord. Aang realizes he won't master the final stage of the Avatar's magic before the comet arrives. The group decides to put off attacking Ozai until after the comet passes, but Aang understands the dangers of waiting. By then, the Fire Lord will join his Army's frontlines and use his heightened powers to decimate the Earth Army. Facing up to his responsibility, Aang leaves his friends and sets out for Ozai's fortress where he will fight the Fire Lord, alone. Meanwhile, the Fire Lord's Firebenders catch up with Zuko and the kids and attack, capturing Zuko and Katara. Luckily, Sokka and Toph escape.

After a long journey, Aang arrives at the Fire Lord's fortress. Ozai sets a trap and hundreds of Firebenders surround Aang. With his life threatened, Aang's arrow tattoos begin to glow. His Avatar spirit awakens and uses the four elements to seal Aang inside a sphere of stone, similar to when the storm endangered his life. With Aang trapped, the Firebenders deliver Aang to Fire Lord Ozai, but even his remarkable powers can't crack Aang's protective shell.

While Earth Kingdom troops move closer to the capital, Sokka and Toph track the captured Zuko and Katara to the Fire Lord's fortress, hoping to save Katara. Nearby, Sokka and Toph discover a fleet of fully operational zeppelins preparing to take off. In the Fire Lord's eccentric menagerie, Sokka finds Aang's bison, alive. Freeling Appa, Sokka flies him into battle and hijacks a zeppelin from the air. With the zeppelin's firepower, Sokka destroys the rest of the fleet, clearing the way for the Earth forces to storm the Fire Lord's fortress.

Inside the fortress, Katara and Zuko break away from their captors and search for Aang, hoping to help him. Zuko leads them through secret passages to his father's chamber, where they encounter Zuko's brother, Prince Azul. Azul's Firebending is superior to Zuko's, but with Katara's help, they defeat the younger Prince, preventing him from helping his father battle Aang.

As the comet streaks through the sky, Ozai's power doubles, allowing him to break Aang's protective sphere. Aang emerges ready to face his destiny. For the majority of the battle, Aang uses Air, Water and Earthbending against the Fire Lord, but Ozai holds the upper hand. However, by watching the Fire Lord fight, Aang learns Firebending. Equally strengthened by the comet, Aang assimilates Ozai's moves into his own and uses them to defeat the master. However, staying true to his ideals, Aang does not kill Ozai. Instead, using a technique available only to the Avatar, he takes away Ozai's Firebending powers and leaves him a weak man.

As the Earth forces capture the capital city, Aang reunites with Katara, Sokka and Momo. Aang proves to his friends that he's ready for the Avatar's responsibilities.


Zuko claims the Fire Lord's throne and vows to work with the Avatar to restore the Fire Nation to its proper place in the world. Toph returns to the Earth Kingdom to work with the Emperor in rebuilding his nation. Katara and Sokka rejoin their father and sail home to save their home and rebuild the Southern Water Tribe. Aang and Momo reunite with Appa and fly off in search of the Air Nomads, whom Aang believes lives in an unexplored part of the world. As the Avatar, Aang will travel the world, helping restore balance to the Nations. In the process, he will achieve what he always wanted - a life full of adventure."

Pretty weird, huh? Here are some scans of pages from the IP Bible which establish setting and characterization and such.

If I find any other information, I'll update this journal to let y'all know :]

It Lives!

Hey there journal, long time no...write in? Seriously, I think the only thing I use this account for is lurking on different groups and making the occasional comment. I wish I could say this behavior will change, but I know myself too well to know that that's gonna happen. Anyway, it's not like people are following me anyway ^_^ 

I'm not really sure why I got the urge to write in this thing. I'm not pissed off about anything (well, besides the usual *coughTLAcough*), and I usually only feel like writing in a journal when I'm in a ranting mood. Well, as long as I'm here...NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! As far as I can remember, this is the first time NYC has given kids a snow day before a single flake has hit the ground. When we heard the announcement during 5th period, we all started cheering, even Mr. Schott XD  I'm not sure what I'll do with the day off - maybe go to my friend's house for an epic snowball fight, or maybe invite Kendra over so we can work on my cosplay, or maybe actually attempt to get past the Tarzan jungle in Kingdom Hearts after being stuck there for 5 years. Of course, none of these things will happen if I don't start my homework! Ugh, I hate when I procrastinate like this. Why is the internet so addictive and time-consuming?! 

Not much is really going on in my life right now. I got accepted to SUNY Stony Brook and SUNY Albany so far, but I'm waiting to hear from Hunter College. I applied to the Macaulay Honors program and if I get in, my tuition will be free! It'll be great to come out of school with no debt, plus Hunter itself is a great college (my number one pick for a CUNY school). I'm also waiting to hear from Columbia, NYU, LIU, Albany College of Pharmacy, and Bard. I need to do the CSS profile on collegeboard for financial aid (can you believe you have to pay to apply for financial aid? The irony kills me) and send my SAT scores to LIU and Albany College of Pharmacy. Oh, and I need to call a whole bunch of colleges and tell them I'm taking Organic Chemistry, because I forgot to put that on my applications ^_^'  

I'm working on a story right now that features the lives of certain people with special talents in a society that sees them as objects to be used or dangerous weapons to be destroyed. I sent my friend Kelsey the first part of Chapter 1 and she seems to really like it because she's always badgering me to send her the rest XD  My friend Mahbuba also helped me flesh out the backstory of one of the characters. Believe it or not, that's the main thing preventing me from finishing the first chapter - I keep focusing on their lives before they discovered their powers because I have this insane need to know everything that happened in the past before I can focus on the present. I need to stop; I will get nowhere if I continue doing this for every single character. I console myself by telling myself that at least what I'm writing is in the same universe and involving the same characters (I suffer from Shiny Ball Syndrome and find it hard to focus on one story idea at a time. For instance, I've been thinking a lot about writing a story set in a completely different world and is about a girl and her little sister travelling their world in an attempt to escape an assassin out for their blood due to an old family feud, but that's a story for another time). Hopefully once I get past Chapter 1 it'll become easier to write and the story ideas will flow. 

Okay, it's midnight now and I really gotta go take a shower and do at least some homework. I'll try and remember to write in this journal again, and hopefully not a year later. See ya!

Bronchitis Sucks =[

So, I woke up yesterday morning with a mild sore throat. Hoping it would get better eventually, I went to school anyway. Well, it didn't get better; when I got home I had a slight headache and was feeling dizzy. My temperature was 100.4, so I decided not to go to school today, hoping a day of rest would make me feel better. I woke up at 10:45 with my throat feeling ten times worse and a 101.3 temperature. My dad took me to my doctor, and she concluded that I have a chest cold (aka Bronchitis). She gave me a prescription for some antibiotics. I took them at 7:15, and wound up throwing up (nausea is one of the side effects). Anyway, I ate some crackers and drank some tea afterward, so my stomach feels a lot better now.

My doctor told me not to go to school tomorrow or Thursday if I still feel sick, but I don't think I'll go anyway because I'd have to take 5 tests/quizzes, and I really don't  think I'm up to it. The stress would probably make me feel worse. Plus, I need to feel better by Saturday so I don't spread my germs around at my cousin's wedding.

And, oh yeah, Parent Teacher Conferences are on Thursday night. Can't wait to see what my history teacher says about me -.-

Anyway, I'm gonna go to bed now. Good night, everyone!

Things to Do Today

I didn't really get that much homework today, but I've still got a lot to do. I've been procrastinating on my NYT Op Ed Analysis Journal for AP English, and they're being collected on Friday, so I've gotta finish that today. I've got to study vocabulary words for that class too, and we might be coming back from hiatus on the Twilight podcast tonight, so that's even more incentive for me to finish everything on time.

OH, and I have to register for the SAT today. Very, very important. I've been putting it off for much too long, and hopefully there are still seats available to take it in my school, because I want to go to the college fair they're holding afterward.

I've gotta finish reading Inkdeath soon, if only because I really hate carrying a six hundred thirty something page book around in my bag when I'm only gonna wind up reading twenty pages, max.

I've gotta start writing my story. Seriously, I'm afraid of losing the skill that I do have already because I'm not practicing enough (because I don't have enough time because I have too much homework....ARGH).
Actually, I'm juggling with two ideas right now, so nowadays if a scene pops into my head, I try to write it down as soon as possible. Unfortunately, most of my ideas come to me while I'm showering. Why does that happen?!

I joined the Writers' Club at my school on Thursday, and so far I'm really impressed. They gave us two prompts: "Describe a food you hate. Why do you hate it?" and "What is your favorite sound and why?" and told us to write our response. Then we shared it with the rest of the club (which only consists of about eight people - pretty sad when you consider it's a school of almost five thousand). The club presidents are very helpful and knowledgable about this subject, and this exercise helped me use my senses to create more vivid descriptions, something I always saw as my weak point. So yeah, I'm definitely going back.

Anyway, I'll try and post some stuff that I write - random scenes, story ideas/summaries, etc. - to see what you guys think (if anyone is even reading this >_>). I really enjoy getting feedback on my writing, both positive and negative, as long as it's tactful (so no comments like, "OMG THIS IS THE WORST PIECE OF CRAP I'VE EVER READ, YOU SUCK!!!11!" Yeah. Don't do that.)

Alright, I think that's pretty much all I have to say. I'll try and update my journal every week, if not every day (where have I heard that one before? >_>), but it'll really help if I get some comments as well. It's nice to know people are listening and that I'm not just talking to a wall. ^^  Time to go eat now! 

I'm bored....

*Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
*Turn to page 56.
*Find the fifth sentence.
*Post that sentence along with these instructions in your LiveJournal.
*Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST.

Mortimer would be waiting outside the castle gates already!

Yeah.... do this, I guess.

Taang Week!

This week has been chock-full of awesome news. First I get my schedule fixed so my classes aren't so wonky, then I get a new cell phone, and just a few days ago Ally informed me about...Taang Week! I've been complaining for a while that there wasn't a Taang Week while there is a Kataang Week, Zutara Week, and Sukka Week. But charizardag on deviantArt is starting a new one to complete the circle!

I am so excited about this - I haven't written fanfiction in a while, and this will be a great motivator for me to start again. Unfortunately, it also means I'll be paying even less attention during my classes, but oh well =]

Here are the themes for each day:

Day 1: Tease

Day 2: Games

Day 3: Forgiveness

Day 4: Song

Day 5: Shy

Day 6: Ecstasy

Day 7: Balance

I'm trying to come up with plot ideas involving each of these - Balance will probably be the hardest... If anyone has any ideas, I'll be glad to hear them!